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Crowd looking at McLaren-Trojan race cars

The real story of Peter Agg and Bruce Mclaren from 1961 through to 1970 needs to be published finally, including correcting the M6GT story, Its development and a battle with the FIA, this alone makes a fascinating read for any enthusiast, all the cars were built by Trojan (contrary to popular belief) and it was very much a Trojan project.

The documents and photographs published are a small part of an extensive archive of material and a complete record of every car manufactured.

This is the official site for Trojan Ltd and its activities through the 1970’s. Part of the history of this company was a continuing relationship with Bruce Mclaren under the Mclaren by Trojan banner until his death at Goodwood in 1970.

All the original files are held as well as customer / chassis records, significant photographs.

Photo of Bruce McLaren
The production numbers for all race cars producted by Trojan Ltd, including Elvas, McLaren-Elvas, McLaren by Trojan and Trojan Racing
Photo of Peter Agg's Knighthood from the Italian Government
Letter from the Italian Government to Peter Agg regarding his knighthood
Letter from Buckingham Palace giving Peter Agg permission to Wear his Italian knighthood for official events
Photo of Peter Agg with Italian officials having received his Knighthood medal
Red version of the Trojan Logo


Colour photo of matching Suzuki sponsored Trojan T103 F1 car and red Suzuki motorbike
Page 1 from a press release for the Trojan-Turanac at their first Grand Prix in Madrid, Spain
Page 2 from a press release for the Trojan-Turanac at their first Grand Prix in Madrid, Spain
Members of the Trojan F1 team with their Trojan T103 F1 car

Peter Agg’s final foray into four wheel motorsport, forming his own Formula 1 team with Ron Tauranac in 1974.

Given the opportunity to use some part worn tyres from a well sponsored prominent team and the significant immediate reduction in Tim Schenken’s uncompetitive qualifying times, Peter decided that this was not a level playing field at all and called time on the teams aspirations, a wise commercial decision to avoid becoming another Formula One team to fall by the wayside.

Tim Schenken in his race overalls posing for the camera
Page 1 from a document written about Peter Agg the owner of Trojan-Tauranac
Page 2 from a document written about Peter Agg the owner of Trojan-Tauranac
Suzuki Bike Images_Page_6
Suzuki Bike Images_Page_7
Suzuki Bike Images_Page_5

The final chapter in the 1970’s was the desire to go 500cc Motorcycle Grand Prix racing and go after the big prize, given the early success of the UK team headed up by Rex White.

The Japanese Suzuki racing team was based at that time in the USA, headed up by a very tall and extremely calm and patient English man called Merv Wright. Peter acquired the team through his company Suzuki GB Ltd, bringing all its machinery including contracting Merv to come back to Europe to continue his good work.

Backed by the Japanese factory, Peter put together a team structure and finance helped in no uncertain terms by Gerald Ronson (Heron) who also persuaded Texaco to come on board as well.

A team of riders was put together and the bikes developed with significant input from the UK, part of that team was an existing contracted rider called Barry Sheene, who onboard one of Peter and Gerald’s Suzuki motorcycles, went on to win two world championship titles for Suzuki GB Ltd in 1976 and 1977.

Without the enormous vision and commitment of both Peter and Gerald’s desire to win, Barry Sheene’s legacy would not be the same. It should be noted that Merv Wright played a significant role as team manager through many difficult days.

Suzuki Bike Images_Page_2
Suzuki Bike Images_Page_4
Suzuki Bike Images_Page_3

The final images for the moment are of Peter in part retirement with his son Charlie at the Nürburgring (both racing), Peter in one of his beloved cars and Charlie in his M8F Mclaren by Trojan.

Peter & Charlie M8 Nurburgring
Peter Agg

The last photograph is a special one, Peter having completed one of many Mille Miglia events over the years in a variety of cars, dirty, never happier after 1000 miles in his favourite Alfa Romeo Monza, Respect!